Completed Promotional Video for Melbourne’s Affordable Art Fair

Melbourne’s Affordable Art Fair 2012 aka. Art Melbourne.

Held at the beautiful Royal Exhibition Building on 24-27 May 2012. This video covers the event and features many esteemed Artists and Exhibitors such as Mikala Tai from Asia Pacific Contemporary, Jessie Breakwell and Michael Jenkins from Start, Georgie Gall and Felicia Aroney from Art2Muse Gallery, Rockstar photographer Soren Starbird, and Carol Sun from Identity Art Gallery. The event was also attended by singer Gotye who collaborated with Emma Hack to auction off a piece of her work for the Art Series Hotels Charity Auction.

Music Provided By
Melbourne International Jazz Festival

Produced By
Cut And Pace Productions


Recent Photography Projects

Model: Valentine Poison
Assistant: Lupita Iluna
Photographer: Vanessa Caitlin G

Model: Lan Alexander (Lead singer of Undervienna Skies & Meet Me By Sunrise)
Assistant: Lupita Iluna
Photographer: Vanessa Caitlin G.

Model: Aurelia Bode (Lia Bo)
MUA+H: Chenchen Sun
Assistant: Lupita Iluna
Photographer: Vanessa Caitlin G.

Behind the scenes

A typical post productions scenario of cutxpace: Everyone is working at the editing suites in the wee hours, blasting pop songs and getting high on coffee (soy chai latte for Charmaine) and cupcakes. “Can someone please eat the cream for me? I only want the cupcake by itself!” Charmaine will plead and the cream very often ends up being consumed by Lupita. We erupt into peals of laughter every now and then while singing at the top of our lungs to Call Me Maybe. We have (unfortunately) mastered the art of dancing with our hands in the air whilst seated in our roller chairs.

Homecoming Forum 2012

Homecoming Melbourne 2012 from Vanessa Caitlin G. on Vimeo.

Short clip on Melbourne students and their experiences from going on exchange to various destinations around the world.

Producer – Vanessa Caitlin Goh
Camera – Charmaine Foo, Vanessa Caitlin Goh, Sebastian Tan, Nadia Tan
Sound – Lupita Iluna & Hui Jun Ng
Interview – Manal Sulaibeekh & Charmaine Foo
Editor – Vanessa Caitlin Goh, Manal Sulaibeekh, Lupita Iluna, Charmaine Foo, Hui Jun Ng